How often round the earth already ?

"Deviser of himself for compagny. Leave it at that
He speaks of himself as of another.
He says speaking of himself as of another. Himself devises too for compagny ."
(Compagny, 1980)

Etching and dry-point


What is the word ?

"And what scenes they can possibly be that draw the head down lower sill and it in thrall ?"
(Ill seen, Ill said, 1981)

Mezzotint, dry-point and soft ground


What is the wrong word ?

"The sheet. Between tips of trembling fingers.
In two. Four. Eight. Old frantic fingers.
No paper anymore.
Each eight apart. In two. Four.
Finish with the knife. Hack into shreds. Down the plughole.
On to the next. White. Quick blacken."
(Ill seen, Ill said, 1981)

Mezzotint, dry-point and soft ground


Quid pro quo ! Quid pro quo !

"The rock got faster and faster, shorter and shorter, the gleam was gone, the grin was gone, the starless ness was gone, soon his body would be quiet."
(Murphy, 1938)

Etching , dry-point ads soft ground


Grey air timeless

"Figment dawn dispeller of figments and the other called dusk"
(less ness, 1969)

Dry-point, etching and aquatint



"About fifty, well preserved, plump, arms and shoulders bare, low bodice, big bosom
pearl necked."
(Happy days, 1963)

Dry-point and etching


Black speck in the great pale stretch of sand

"To decompose is to live too, I know, I know, don't torment me, but one sometimes forgets."
(Molloy, 1951)



The flat, the leaning and the upright

"I could have done with other loves perhaps.
But there it is, either you love or you don't."
(First love, 1945)

Etching and dry-point, watercolor


Nothing to say, not a squeak

"Past midnight. Never knew such silence. The earth might be uninhabited."
(Krapp's last tape, 1959)

Etching and dry-point


And if we drooped him ?

"There's man all over for you, blaming on his boots the faults of his feet."
(Waiting for Godot, 1952)

Etching and dry-point



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